Thursday, June 2, 2016

Video Thursday - Using Wax Paper With Your Dies

Hello Friends!

This video was shared on a facebook group I belong to.  I thought it was very interesting, and worth sharing with you.

Wax Paper has been suggested for use with intricate die cutting for quite a while now.  I thought it was a good thing, and it would not "hurt" the dies.  But after watching this video, I have changed my mind.

Have a look, and leave me a comment on what you think ...

Have an amazing day!  Glenda Mollet

1 comment:

grannypoppy said...

That was nlghtening and a good demonstration on why not to use wax paper! I seldom get plastic bags nowadays ... always take my own cloth bags ... But maybe I'll nee do collect a few for using with my dies! Thanks for sharing, Glenda!


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