Friday, February 12, 2016

#imbringingbirthdaysback Campaign! Get Onboard ...

A new campaign has started to bring back sending birthday cards.  Not just a message in facebook, or an email. This is for real, tangible, put in snail mail cards.  Isn't that wonderful?

Shannon West from Stampin' Up! has started this campaign, and it has taken off!

Here is a video of Shannon and Donna Williams, both from Stampin' Up!, explaining the campaign and sharing some quick and beautiful cards ....

I am also expanding my list of birthday cards to send out.  Right now I send about 8 - 11 cards per month. Some are birthday, some are thinking of you, some are thank you, and some are just because.

Why don't you try sending a few cards as well?  I can help you with all the card making supplies you will need to make amazing cards.  You can go HERE to my online store and place your order yourself.  Or, you can EMAIL ME and I would be happy to place the order for you.

Once you create your cards, just address them, and pop them into the mail.  I remember back when we used to get letter and cards in the mail all the time, and how much I enjoyed it.  It really does brighten the day for the recipient.  

If you email me your full name, birthday date, and address, I will put you on my birthday card list too!  

Have a crafty day!  Glenda Mollet

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