Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our Tiny House Then and Now Project Life Scrapbook - #5

Hello Everyone!
Here are the final 2015 pictures from my Project Life by Stampin' Up! scrapbook of our Tiny House (aka cabin).  Our Tiny House is a float house, which means water access only.  It is 20 minutes up the lake and so far away from everything.  We have no electricity, cell service, or internet.  Because I have to keep my business going while we are up there, we purchased a cell booster and battery power.  So now we can link up our cell phones in the evening for an hour or so just to keep in touch.  
It is so quiet, you don't hear any man made sounds at all, and the evening skies are amazing with the stars you can see.  We often sit out and watch for falling stars and satellites.
Now, on with the show ......

Here we are doing renos on the "poop deck" which is at the back.  We sit out there and have breakfast every morning.

Ahhh, this was the most amazing day of the whole 3 years.  The new composting toilet!  No more hauling around port-a-potties (which was the original one from way back when we owned the cabin before!).  Life is GOOD.  Lol

And a new fridge that works and keeps things cold.  So cool !!!

The following picture is not part of the Tiny House scrapbook, but it is some pictures I had laying around that I felt the need to put into a page.  This is hubby, Ted, and I from then (1977 the beginning) and now (well almost, it was 2012).

I hope you have enjoyed this journey from then until now and the renovations of our Tiny Cabin.  There are still some projects to do, and we have been planning all winter.  I can't wait to get back up there soon and start enjoying the serenity again.
Have a crafty day!  Glenda Mollet

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Candy said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the cabin and all the work you have done.
You talked so much about it and were so excited when you bought it back!!!
I'm so happy for you both :o)
Big Hugs,


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