Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Tiny House Then and Now Project Life Scrapbook - #2

Hello everyone!  I am back today with the second installment of my Project Life By Stampin' Up! scrapbook of the purchase and renovation of our Tiny House (aka cabin).
Here are some pictures from 2014 ....

The Mollet flotilla of boats, and the poor cabin before the new deck was begun.

We had to do the deck in stops and starts all during the summer.  We could only work on the parts that were in the shade, and only in the mornings.  Then it was swim time.

Having a float cabin has its advantages, and definitely disadvantages when you have scrap to get rid of.  We can't just take it ashore and leave it because we only own up to the high water mark.  So we had to take the old deck boards home.  But that's ok, it makes great firewood for camping.

The cabins are lifted up off the deck on 4x4 posts, and they all needed to be replaced as well.  I was the official "taker out of the nails person".

The front and side looking real good.

The old fridge (original to the cabin) was not working well.  Each month Ted had to clean out the jets for the cooling system (propane) and encourage it to work again.  Then we installed a new stove!  Not that I cook all that much up at the Tiny House either.  LOL

My hubby, Ted, is truly amazing.  He can do anything I dream up.  I laughingly tell him I didn't marry him for his money, I married him for his fixabilities!!!  Usually I break things and he fixes them.  But now with our Tiny House, we spend all winter dreaming up renovations and things to build, then we make them a reality in the summer months.  Yes I help him with most of the projects and I am getting pretty handy with hammers and saws. Ok, I am getting really good at swimming and suntanning too!  heeheehee
We can only work part of each day as it usually hits 40 deg C by 11 a.m.  Then we spend the afternoon lazing around, puttering and swimming.  Then do a bit more "work" in the evening.  I can't tell you how much I enjoy this piece of heaven and I can't wait until we have it safe enough, for the grand children to come up.  They are still a bit young, but the time will come!

Have a crafty day!  Glenda Mollet

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Candy said...

Such a lot of work to do!
it's wonderful that Ted knows how to fix so many things.
I can't wait to see the inside :o)


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