Monday, February 1, 2016

Our Tiny House Then and Now Project Life Scrapbook - #3

Hi everyone!  Here is the second half of my Project Life by Stampin' Up! scrapbook pages from our Tiny House (aka cabin) in 2014 ....

See the scrapbooking supplies on my lovely orange kitchen table!

Our neighbour grows the most amazing tomatoes!

Yes there is a story behind my poor finger - see below.

By the time the summer of 2014 drew to a close (in late September) our Tiny House was looking much happier.  A new deck made a huge difference and it actually came up almost 3 inches from the waterline by getting rid of the old waterlogged decking.
Our last trip up there, we decided to do some cleaning of the beach area.  The lake is behind a dam that feeds the paper mill in the town, so the level rises and falls huge amounts each year.  The water was way down, so we had the opportunity to clean up lots of dead wood and rocks from the beach.  Hubby and I were moving a HUGE rock.  It was so big we both had to lift it.  Well, it slipped out of hubby's hands and I was not fast enough to get my pinky finger out of the way before it went down.  When it hit the ground, it hit another rock and my finger was squished between them.  Let me tell you, it was painful!  I "might" have said some very bad words.  Of course, with no electricity, we had no ice, so it just got blacker and blacker and hurt like the devil.  It was over 6 months before my fingernail was normal again.  Oh well, love those scrapbooking moments. LOL

Have a crafty day!  Glenda Mollet

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Candy said...

LOTS of HARD work you guys did and I'm sure there is more!
Your poor finger "ouch".


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