Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Handmade Christmas Cards Day 2

I am back again with 4 more Christmas cards I have been lucky enough to receive from some very special people in my life.

When I started this journey with Stampin' Up! I sure did not know how it would impact my life in so many ways. 

I used to be VERY introverted and being in crowds of 4 or more people was very intimidating to me.  I would just sit there and watch and not say anything.  Well, now I find crowds easier - which was bound to happen when I started going to the Stampin' Up! Convention each year.  One year there were 6500 of us at Convention in Salt Lake City. It was truly amazing to be there.  Sometimes I just sit and watch now as well, but I find I get to learn so much more from the people around me by trying to be a good listener.  Now it is on purpose tho, not a thing i need to do to survive until I get home.

I also used to have everything my way.  Being a type A personality with OCD tendencies was my whole life.  We often laugh at how the towels, sheets and blankets had to be folded a certain way or I redid them before putting them in the linen closet.  Well, now I really don't card because doing all that refolding takes time out of my craft room!  I just "throw" things into the linen closet now and hope for the best!

Over the past 8.5 years I have met some wonderful people through my obsession and I am proud to call them friends.  I am sharing some of their cards with you all this week, so come by each day for more amazing cards.

This card is made by Jean B. I love bling and Jean has used a lot of it on this card.

 Marilyn H sent me this lovely gold themed card.

 Donna K sent me this silver and blue ultra blingy card.

 Linda K loves to colour and this card shows it and showcases how talented she is!

Thanks so much for visinting and have a crafty day!
Glenda Mollet

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