Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Owl Punchies - Hallowe'en-ies

Today I have some more really cute punched images made out of the Stampin' Up! 2 Step Owl Punch.  This time there are 3 in a Hallowe'en series.  I found these cuties at Cristena Bagne's website (sorry can't find the exact post but there is a link to her website - the original post was somewhere around Sept 8/2010).  I did not make the cute box she had her's in, I just made the images.  Here they are ...
First Frankenstein ~ ~ ~ ~
and here is the Bat  ~ ~ ~ ~

and finally the ghost ~ ~ ~ ~
So darned cute, don't you think?  Thanks, Cristena, for the awesome Owl Punchies.  Thanks for popping by, I hope you get some stamping done today!

EDIT:  I edited the original post and removed the Witch owl punchie and inserted the Bat punchie as the Witch was from a different stamper.  I will show you the Witch tomorrow.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
Happy Stampin' ..........................................     

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Sandy said...

Another big smile on my face!!!!


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