Friday, December 20, 2013

Candy Cane Sleigh Treat Holder

So much fun!  I loved the idea of these when I ran across them on pinterest and couldn't wait to make my own.

Since I took these pictures I found the Santa chocolates I was looking for and added them to the front.  So it looks like Santa is driving the sleigh!  The bottom layer is 2 Ghirardelli Chocolates wrapped, then the next layer is another Ghirardelli which is also wrapped.  Then two Hershey Nuggets, wrapped and finally on top another wrapped Nugget.  Everything is glued together with a hot glue gun, and you start with attaching the candy canes to the bottom layer and building from there.  Then I wrapped it all up with some Cherry Cobbler Scalloped Tulle that I had left over from last year.  The Cherry Cobbler is gone, but you can still buy some of the Early Espresso one on the Clearance Rack - for only $3.39 (Canadian price).

Happy Holidays . . . . . . 

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