Sunday, April 28, 2013

LNS Web Ring - Until May 12th!

Late Night Stampers Spring 2013 Web Ring
Want to win $150 worth of Stampin' Up! products for FREE???

UPDATE:  New participants added March 27th.  See below.

Here’s how to play:

-go to the page (listed at the top of my blog) titled ‘LNS Web Ring’

-visit each of the blogs listed (it’s always nice to leave a comment!)

-look for participating Treasure Hunt players – they will have the picture of the SU! box (below), and they will list their clue

-make a note of what the clue is, and whose blog it is on

-once you’ve collected all the clues, email them to me  listing each clue & where you found it

-you have from from Friday, March 1st to Sunday, May 12th at midnight PST to collect the clues and email them to me, to be entered into the contest -

Contest closes Sunday, May 12th, 2013 at midnight PST

Here is a picture of my clue .....
1" Square Punch - by Stampin' Up!  1-3/4 Inch Circle Punch - by Stampin' Up!   2-3/8 Inch Scallop Circle Punch - by Stampin' Up!

                Owl Punch - by Stampin' Up!                           Full Heart Punch - by Stampin' Up!

Here's a list of the participants ....

Treasure Hunt Participants 2013

Angela Carter
Lisa Kmiec
Jane Hignite
Deborah Smart
Penny Hanuszak
Kimberely Morris
Trish Cortez
Beth Robinson
Rhonda Gabriele   **corrected 28/Feb
Jackie Watson
Cynthia Millan
June Reister
Debbie Broughton
Joni Metras
Laurie Reaume  **corrected 28/Feb
Sherrill Graff
Nicole Tugrul
Shelly Peck
Megin Gallagher
Marcee Rodgers
Karen Philipp
Kris Sobolik
Heidi Weaver
Carolyn Bennett
Betty-Ann Manghi
Jan Schoenfeld
Glenda Mollet
Kat Zariengo
Katherine Roberts  **added 28Feb p.m.
Bev Farmer  **Mar 1st
Tanya Stottlemire  **Mar. 1st
Ligeia Baird  **Mar.2nd
Carolyn Rakowski  **Mar. 3rd
Danielle Calder  **Mar. 5th
Jaye Catalano  **Mar. 7th
Lesley Lendon  **Mar. 7th
Lori Ann Rogers **updated Mar.14th
Vanessa A. Terrell  **Mar. 8th
Dawn Johnson  **Mar. 12th

Melissa Banbury  **Mar. 19th
Janet Yates  **Mar. 19th
Cathy Parlitsis  **Mar. 19th
Laura Camacho  **Mar. 19th
Lori Sinden  **Mar. 20th
Kit Gosha  **Mar. 20th
Beatriz Redd  **Mar. 20th

Cynthia Simpson  **Mar. 21st
Jayne Stenstrom  **Mar. 21st

49.Kelli Lichtenberg  **Mar. 22nd
50.Julie Fields  **Mar. 22nd
51.SuZan Brown  **Mar. 22nd
52.Lauren Huntley  **Mar.22nd
53. Siara Acdal  **Mar. 24th
54. Tonawanda Yost  **Mar. 24th
55. Wendy Cranford  **Mar. 24th

Good Luck!  Glenda


Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating in the Treasure Hunt I enjoyed looking at your blog. Anti-Bullying Day is pretty big where I live so if you walked into any of our districts schools you would see a sea of pink! Shirts, skirts, pants, crazy socks, tall socks, shoelaces, hair bows, ribbons, pins, jackets......I think you get it. I love the pink shirts you made and will have to case it for next year! Brenda

Bev Farmer said...

I added you to my blogs I follow. Please stop by my blog and leave a comment.

Kris Sobolik said...

You have a lot of very pretty cards. I am just browsing the other treasure hunt bloggers sites :) Have a great day!!

Shawnie Bartron said...

A great clue you have! I don't know how I could possibly create without them!

~Shawnie B.

jennifer delauter said...

I have enjoyed your blog. I will be visiting this site again! The characters are very cute and I will be using them on my own cards. BTW, thanks for the clue!!

lisa808 said...

Thanks for the fun hop. I just sent you my list.


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