Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodbye, my friends!

I have not posted this year yet.  I made the decision to stop posting for a while and see how it goes.  I found myself focusing more on my blog and posting than my card making, classes, family and friends.
I will rethink it in a few months.
Thank you so much for your loyalty and all the kind comments.  I am still around, and you can still email me by clicking on the "email me" link on the left hand side.
Happy Stampin .....


Linda A. said...

Glenda, I so looked forward to your posts, but I understand. Maybe your hiatus will be short-lived and you will return energized and ready to inspire your followers! Please don't leave us for too will be missed. Linda A.

Marjorie Gibson said...

I will miss your posts but understamd the need to concentrate on other priorities.

Nancy said...

I have enjoyed your posts very much and will miss seeing them. However, I understand the need to take a break from things every now and then. Enjoy your break.

Mary said...

I totally understand, hopefully after a breather you will feel like posting once a week? Stay well!


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