Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween - Kinder Egg Treat Holder

We just got back from spending Halloween Trick or Treating with our very special Grandsons.  Although Cameron is only 3 days old, he had a costume as well.  So cute, it was a pumpkin baby sleeper!  James dressed up as a Fireman and his Dad and I took him out trick or treating.  His bag got full real fast, and when it was too heavy for him to carry, we headed home for some Grampa time.  Then I got to have some special Cameron cuddles.  Oh I love that new baby smell!
Anyways, before we went over I whipped up a holder for two Kinder Eggs I got for James. He has not had them yet, so I wanted it to be special. Here is what I came up with .....

He was so excited when he saw it because it had his name on it.  Although he is just over 3 yrs old, he can read and write his own name and he knows all the alphabet and can count over 20.  Sorry, got off track there a bit!
I used the box the eggs came in as a template to create the holder.  I am planning on getting a tutorial together over the next few days for you.  I took lots of pictures!  This would be awesome for Christmas as well.  Next time Cameron will be old enough I can do one for him too.
Happy Stampin' .......

1 comment:

Candy said...

Oh Glenda!
This is just the cutest!!
I bet James LOVED it.
Sounds like you had a wonderful evening :o)
Hugs, Candy


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