Friday, March 18, 2011

Owl Punchies - Betty Baker

Hey there, everyone!  I created this cute little Baker Owl Punchie by following Kay Sha's awesome instructions.  I just discovered Kay's blog called Creations On Paper, and boy does she have some cute punchie images!  I see more casing in my future.  Thanks Kay!!!!
Anyways, here is my Betty Baker owl punchie .....
I won't re-do the instructions because Kay has such awesome ones, and lots of pictures so its easy to follow along.
Now I have to create a birthday card for our Grandson, James, who will be turning 3 next week.  What is his favourite thing in the world right now?  Well he has 2 - the "Cars" movies and the "Toy Story" movies.  Thanks to Ellen Kemper I have a Buzz Lightyear punch image to create!  I'll share it with you when it is done.
Bye for now and Happy Stampin' ...............  

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Anonymous said...

Oh, she is so cute! Hope you have a good weekend! Hugs, Rea


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