Monday, November 22, 2010

My first ever Blog Award

Today I received a comment from Monica of Monica's Crafts, she said she had a Blog Award for me on her blog.  I popped over there and was truly inspired and amazed by Monica's creations.  What a truly amazing lady.  This is my blog award: 
To earn this award I have to link back to the person who gave it to me (hence the link to Monica's Blog),  tell 8 things about myself, and forward the award onto 8 people I have recently discovered.  Thank you Monica!   Here are the 8 things about myself:
1.  I love my family first and foremost
2.  I am obsessed with making cards
3.  I detest liars
4.  My snack of choice is potato chips
5.  I recently discovered Scrapbooking
6.  I feel truly blessed to have so many friends
7.  My favourite season is Spring
8.  James Michael John Mollet - 2 1/2 years old - is the light of my life
Now to link to 8 blogs I have recently discovered, and send them messages about the award.  Some of these ladies I have known or known about for a while, but only recently visited their blog:
1.  Cabio Tse
2.  Karen Barber
3.  Leslie Strand
4.  Norma Lee
5.  Theresa F
6.  Debbie Tompkins
7.  Sharlene Meyer
8.  Ellen Kemper
All of the ladies above have inspired me at one time or another.  Visit their blogs, you will be inspired as well.
Now, Happy Stampin' and I'll be back tomorrow.... .... .... Glenda Mollet

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