Sunday, December 27, 2009

Scrapbooking - James' Book - Three Months

Well I hope you had a super duper awesome Christmas with your family and friends. Christmas morning with a toddler is the most special time. Santa was good to us, as usual, and brought family and friends together with food and fun.
Here is the 5th page in James's scrapbook - Month Three. We bought him a "Bouncey Chair". It is by Fisher Price and he could sit in it (with some tipping and holding up by Yaya) and bounce till his heart was content. This was one of his very favourite toys and he used it until he was about 13 months and was just too tall to make use of it any more. He loved playing with all the attached toys and moving things and of course it had music on it as well. He loved to laugh and giggle (and still does). Poor Cookie Monster, is the same size now. I love the perspective of having Cookie Monster sitting beside him, good choice Mom and Dad!. As this page faces the Two Month page, it has the same colour and layout scheme. The ribbon matches the ribbon on the previous page as well. (more blanked out pictures, sorry, but I am sure you can get the idea) You can see a bit of the previous page in the picture.
Bye for now, I'll be back tomorrow with the fourth month page.
..................................... Glenda Mollet

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Candy said...

More great work, Glenda!!
Hugs, Candy


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