Friday, October 9, 2009

Umbrella Punchie Tutorial

I am working on my 2010 Coaster Calendar. While creating April, my friend and avid stamper who was sharing my craft room with me at the time, said I needed to create an umbrella punchie for it. So, rising to the challenge, I did. I am not sure if there is one out there already (I can't imagine there isn't) but I did not see anyone else's prior to making this one myself. Here are a couple of pictures of the umbrellas I put on my calendar:

I used Tea Party DSP to make the Umbrellas. The boots are from Scene In A Garden (a set I just found out today was retired, oh well, I still love it).
So here is a tutorial of how I built the Umbrellas. I will do it for the large one, but the smaller one is built the same way, you just use the small oval instead of the large oval punch.
1. Punch 3 Large Ovals from the DSP
2. Using the same punch, punch out a bit from the bottom of each oval

4. Using the Modern Label Punch, punch out one label

5. Move the punch up a bit and slightly to one side and punch again. This will be the handle.
6. Lining up the points and the tops of the ovals, attach one behind the other
7. Repeat with the other side
8. Attach the handle to the bottom of the ovals
There you go, an umbrella. You can make it using the Small, Large, or Wide Oval punches and get different sizes of them. They are so cute, and you know, April showers bring May flowers, so of course May has lots of flowers on it. When I get the whole calendar done, I will post some pictures. It may take a bit of time though, I am only up to May!
I hope you enjoy making these cute little pieces, they are very useful..............
Bye for now, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada!!!!
.............................................. Glenda Mollet


Sharon said...

Love the umbrella! I'll be using in on my next calendar. I make calendars every year for all my friends and family and the list of who wants them keeps growing! So far, I've made 4 6"x6" calendars and have about 10 to go! But I enjoy creating them.


Christine said...

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely be casing!!!


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