Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hoppy Birthday Card For My Sister

Hello Friends!

My "button" is frogs.  I HATE frogs, they totally creep me out.  Of course my entire family knows this, and takes every opportunity to give me frog related things.

My sister is no exception.  A few years ago she managed to find a horrible Christmas Card of a toady frog and she bought a LOT of them.  Each year she gave us one for Christmas.  I asked her how many thousands of the cards she had gotten, and she said she only had 1 left.

Now, far be it for me to have this really creepy toady thing go extinct!  So I took one of those yucky things and fashioned it into a Birthday card for her last year.  Here is what I made for her  ....

Isn't that disgusting???? Then my darling sister crossed out "birthday" and wrote in "Christmas" and returned the card to us again last year.

So this year for her birthday I again used the image above to create her birthday card.  Here is what I did this year ...

This is the front of it, pretty benign isn't it?  But, when you open it up ....

This gruesome face pops out at you .....

This one shows how it pops out and is right there in your face.  I suppose he will hop back to us for some occasion in the near future.

Does your family have any weird traditions like this?  I would love to hear about them.  EMAIL ME or leave a comment below.

Have A Crafty Day!  Glenda Mollet


Karen Tenney said...

Such a cute story--and a cute card!!! Made my day!!

Jessica Mackay said...

Love it!


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