Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Easter Bunny Butt Fry Box Treat Holders

Hi Everyone!

Every year since our oldest Grandson started pre-school, he and I make treat holders for all of the special days during the school year.  We do Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter.  Sometimes we do the beginning of the school year and the end as well.

This year Easter is early, it is March 26-28th and right at the end of his school's Spring Break.  So our treat holders have to be done right quick as spring break is in a week and a half.  He wants to hand them out before the break, not after.

Our middle grandson is now in pre-school so his group has been added to the oldest one's class numbers and this year we had to make 40. 

Here is the Valentine's Day Treat Holders we made ...

Our oldest Grandson "J" does a lot of the work himself, and even "C" got involved in this one.

Yesterday we finished the Bunny Butt Fry Boxes - all 40 of them. Of course Gramma does a lot of prep work ahead of time on these ones.  Everything was punched and cut out and some adhesive was applied.  The boys helped assemble the Bunnies and the Boxes, then helped put them together.

Next time we get together we will be putting pretzels into small bags and putting them in the boxes ready for distribution.  There are sugar issues in one of the classes, so we always try to make the treats something that everyone can eat.

I am thinking of doing a video tutorial on how to make these Bunny Butt Fry Boxes.  What do you think?  Would you like one?

Have a crafty day!  Glenda Mollet

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Candy said...

Yes! I would love to make a bunny butt holder!
You must have had a great day with the boys :o)

big Hugs,


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