Friday, January 22, 2016

Project Life by Stampin' Up! and our Tiny House

Hello Everyone!
Not all papercrafters are scrapbookers, and I know that from personal experience.  But sometimes it's nice to put pictures onto pages and memorialize them.
I have not scrapbooked a lot in my papercrafting career, but there are some things I felt I needed to capture in a special way.
Recently I created a scrapbook of the ongoing renovation of our "Tiny House" (aka our cabin) on Powell Lake in Powell River, BC.  This is a float cabin with water access only and it is our tiny bit of heaven.  There is no cell / internet service unless we hook up and start our cell booster, there are no phones, and you can only arrive there by boat or plane.  We purchased our "Cabin" back in 1990 when we lived in Powell River, and our children were young.  Then layoffs affected my husband's work and we moved way, way up to northern British Columbia and we had to sell to friends of ours.
Speed jump ahead to 2013. We were once again living on the southern coast of BC on Vancouver Island and we received a call from the people who purchased the cabin and they had decided to sell it.  We had kept in touch over the years and told them if they ever decided to sell, we would like first refusal.  Hmmmm who in their right mind would refuse this golden opportunity, NOT US!  We jumped at the offer and bought back our cabin.  After 23 years it was a little "tired" so we had some renovations to do. 

It's the ugliest cabin on the lake, it's made from 2 very old office trailers.  But with scenery like this, it is heaven.

The first summer we spent doing inside ceilings and walls and installing a new stove.  
The second summer we redecked the outside.  That was a HUGE job and took us all summer.
The minute we bought the cabin I began to take pictures of everything.  It was like walking back in time when we first entered it.  I had been missing a casserole and could not find it anywhere.  Lo and behold, there i was!  Along with pots, pans, dishes, linens, bedding mats, etc.
Then I began my Project Life Album.  There is also no electricity at our "Tiny House" (which is what we now call it LOL) so everything had to be done during the day, and I did all of it, except for printing the pictures) at the cabin.  

Enough babbling on, my point today is, that you can scrapbook anytime, any where with the  Project Life by Stampin' Up! system.  Here is a video by Stampin! Up! on how this system works. 

Our Tiny House does not look quite so tired any more, but we sure were after all those renos.  It is wonderful to be able to look back and see the changes.  It makes all the work worthwhile.  I also added some pictures from way back in the 90's when we first owned it.  Maybe I will share them, along with the scrapbook pages in blog posts every once in a while.

Have a crafty day!  Glenda Mollet

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