Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dude, You're Welcome Kit

At Leadership in Orlando, Stampin' Up! announced a new stamping kit designed specially for men.  It is called "Dude, You're Welcome".  It has stamps, paper, envelopes and instructions in it for the men in your life to create cards for his someone special.  Here are some pictures I took:

First the outside of the kit:
 Now the inside of the kit:

It comes with instructions:
Here are the postcards that are included:

It comes with it's own Official Man Card sticker:

 And some pictures of cards created with the kit:

Here is a link to my online store where you can see more information on the kit and order it yourself.  Or you can email me and I will place the order for you.

Thanks for visiting, I will be back tomorrow with another card for you.
Happy Stampin' ..............           

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