Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Tofino, BC Pictures For You

Hello all, I am back in Tofino again for a few days. Tofino is located on the very western side of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  It is a major vacation spot for all sorts of people and whale watching is very big here.  There are also houses (yah right not really houses, more like mansions) on beaches that are owned by celebrities such as John Travolta and Sarah McLachlan.  I am truly blessed to be able to stay in this very special part of our country.
My DH and I went out for a very chilly boat ride this morning to see some California Sea Lions that have taken up residence in one of the many, many bays in the area.  I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you.
I really feel sorry for who ever owns this bit of paradise.  There used to be floats, walkways, a dock and a great curvy slide in this bay.  But now the sea lions have taken over, you dare not even go too close to them, let alone try to use this property.  The slide is broken, one of the floating docks has been sunk, and the one the sea lions are on in this picture is slowly disappearing.  That is a lot of weight on that poor structure.
You can see some lighter, smaller ones that are the babies of the year.  Boy do they make a noise, and the smell is definitely not pleasant!
Then a bit further on we ran across this lone wolf....
Hubby says a few days ago there were 2 of them on the beach, so I am sure his (or her) mate is not far away. 
Just a couple of reasons why I love visiting Tofino.  Thanks for visiting, I will be back tomorrow with another card for you.
Happy Stampin' ................ 


Anonymous said...

Nice pic, thanks for sharing. Hope your having a good time. Hugs, Rea

Sandy said...

Love these pictures Glenda!


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