Monday, July 26, 2010

Scrapbooking - Fav Foods - Hawaii

The past few days I have been doing a Scrapbooking 101 class I purchased from Andrea Walford/Sophie Landry.  HERE is the link to that site.  I am a beginner scrapbooker and have been struggling cuz I want my pages to look like my cards and end up way too over-embellished.  These pages are giving me some lessons and taking me outside my comfort zone.  This page focused on using multiple pictures and adding them in a circle on the page.
In January we went to Hawaii for 12 days. We tried to sample lots of local foods while we where there. These 4 were our ultimate favorites! We still talk about them and they bring back some awesome memories. (Yes that is me eating the Passion Fruit).

I made a flower a while ago using the Presto Patterns DSP, some Vanilla Smooch Spritz and a DSP covered jumbo brad .  HERE is Patty Bennett's tutorial on that, I just did not put the daisy behind it and added another layer.

Then part of the tutorial was to put 3 brads on the bottom left hand corner of the cardstock.  I did not want just regular brads, as this was Hawaii , after all.  So here is what I came up with....

I put a Very Vanilla 5/16" Brad through the middle of the small Filigree Brad.  They work great together.  I used some of the new Elegant Soiree designer paper, and Pear Pizazz, Crumb Cake, and Mellon Mambo cardstock.
Thanks for looking, I will be back tomorrow with a "Watermellon" page I made featuring James, our Grandson......  Glenda Mollet


Danielle Champagne said...

OH!| boy... Hi! Glenda. YOur page is gorgeous. I was reading your post: I am trying to make my page to look as my cards. Dear Glenda, being a scrapbooker first, and an cardmaker just lately: it is a whole world different. Remember: scrapbooking is about pictures, pictures are linked to memories. Trying to immortalize memories is so different thant playing with papers & stamps... Also, remember, you say you are a beginner scrapbooker, I'm sure that at the beginning your did not make such a card as the one you made for Magnolia Christmas bloghop..... I hope I am encouraging your to continue, as this page is gorgeous. I can see "Glenda's" style in there: the delicate brads, the choice of colors, they do look like you. Keep on going, you'll find your way. Sorry I took so much space!

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda, you did a great job. I have been scrapbooking since I was 4 year olds. My grandmother and I use to beg the hardware store for their old wallpaper sample books, so I could use them for scrapbooking. This was in the early 70's. So imagine that wallpaper!!! I always have viewed scrapbooking as memories of my life. Things I wanted to remember. Some people do it to tell a story about their life. I do it as evidence of my life, and events or times that I loved in my life. Anyho just thought I would share that with you. Hugs, Rea


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